Secured Society

A Smart Way of Living

Secured Society is a smart application designed to make your Associative living at Communities or Apartments easier. Managing an Apartment/ Community can be stressful but with secured Society application, it's hassle free.

Association Registry

Consisting of Flat owners,Tenants,Admins, Governing Body & other personnel as a common directory.

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Society Billing & Accounting

Generate Maintenance bills,Invoices,record Expenses, Payments,reminders,accounting statements etc.

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Tenant Management

Owner to Manage Tenant, Add & Remove Tenant, Payment of Maintenance by Tenant etc.

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Staff Management

Manage Staff,Track Attendance,work schedules, Work Assignment, Solve Tickets directly etc.

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Complaint, Suggestions raised by users.Tickets status tracking, Intera Ticket Conversations,Alerts. etc

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Gate Management

Digital visitor registry, Pre- approved Visitors,Visitor Reports,Alerts, No Multiple App required.etc

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