Accounting Features

Maintenance Billing

Generating and collection of maintenance bills is a tedious process. Application enables the Manager to maintain and generate bills /Invoices in a simplified process.


Application helps managers in listing out all the members delaying payment and also members who maintain overdue balances

Payment Gateway Collection

Collection of the bills is the monotonous task, payment gateway helps in simplifying the process for both payor and manager as the automated receipts are shared.

Income Tracker

Community is maintained by the contributions made by the members, application helps manager in raising invoices, receipts from both members and customers.

Purchase Order

A good practice to seek approval before making any purchase, from the members elected to govern the affairs of the association.

Expense Tracker

Maintaining transparency is the prime responsibility of a manager, application helps him/her to record expenses, assets and payments made to the vendors.

Vendor Management

Application enables manager from adding vendor, capturing the expense and payments made to such vendors in a single window with the summarized statements.

Customer Management

Application enables manager from adding customer, raising invoice and receipts against such customers in a single window with the summarized statements.

Assets Management

Application helps the manager track each asset purchased with the help of unique id allotted to it.

General Ledger

Application facilitates from creation of ledgers to viewing the balances of each ledgers, between the selected dates for a financial year

Journal Entries

A perfect accounting system is in-complete without journal entries, application provides for both automated journals as well as manual journals.

Accounting Statements

Application enables the manager or any other authorised user to view the summary of accounts such as Income & Expenses, Receipt & Payments etc