Society Gatekeeper

Secured Society application enables an easy gate management, Digital Visitor Registry is maintained and operated by the gate staff. It facilitates the residents of the community to add all such visitors towards there flats in advance and makes the security verification process easier. It provides summary of the Visitors reported & not reported and helps to capture the visitor photo by the gate keeper at the time of Visitor Registration.

Visitor Registry

Every community/ Association is always worried on the trespassers and there is no proper mechanism to maintain the details of the visitor in conventional method that is through manual books.

Society Gatekeeper captures details of all persons who have entered the association / community on the current date. Only on approval of Such Persons/Visitors. All such Approvals are notified in app OR SMS.


Detailed Visitor Reports

Provides detailed report on all the visitors including those not reported, and many other such details are captured. Such reports can be accessed by Manager and Gatekeeper at any time. This feature aims to bring clarity on visitors entering the premises and track their details