Complaint Management System

Unique Ticket Numbering

Secured Society application assigns a unique number to every Complaint / Ticket raised in sequential manner. All such numbers are automatically allotted to every complaint when raised by the user. Such allocation of unique Number helps in Eliminating the ambiguity of the complaints when sought for resolving.

Complaint Status Tracking

Secured society provides a comprehensive complaint tracking system to track the status of resolution of such complaint at different stages and notifying the complaint giver on any development towards the complaint raised. It also uses intelligent marking system by using specific label colours to state the status of the complaint.


Intra - Ticket Conversations

An essential part of any redressal system is to keep track on the issue posted and the responses received by the concerned person or reply given to such person to such issue. Secured society thus facilitates the users to have detailed track of developments with respect to the issue/ ticket raised.

Photo Attachments

Every complaint is more effective when there is an evidence for it, therefore secured society application enables the complaint giver to attach photos to justify or to bring notice of the concerned person. Further the application also enables to attach photos in different complaint resolving stages.